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Kawasaki Estrellas in Africa





Matchless G3LS / 1956

Estrellas in Ghana

The first Estrella in Africa we knew about ğlivesĞ in Ghana.
Geert, her owner, comes from the Netherlands and works in the Ashanti region, Ghana. He says that the motorbike was imported from Canada. It seems to be a BJ250 B4 from 1995.

number plate from Ghana
Candy Wine Red / Pearl Alpine White,
shock absorbers withou reservoire > a BJ250 B4

Here the second Estrella in Ghana from Georg and Thomas.
Seems to be a 1992 Estrella - one of the first production year.

Here is the third Estrella in Ghana from Romain. Romain told us, that there are ten or more Estrellas in Accra. This is his Estrella as he bought it. More photos after he has finishes the restauration of his Estrella.

And here some photos afterwards

South Africa

This is Lucas’ Estrella from South Africa.

Lucas’ Estrella is a heavily customized Japanese Estrella BJ250B from 1992.
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