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Estrella BJ250 A


*only exported to Germany / A1=prototype















deutsche Version
1994 Luminous Windsor Green

Kawasaki started developing
the Estrella BJ250 in 1991.
As far as we know, the A-Version of the Estrella never appeared on the Japanese market. Was the A1 a pro- totype? Kawasaki started with the selling of the B-version in 1992.
Two years later - in 1994 - the first BJ250 As were sold in Europe, mainly in Germany, in to variants.

You can easily distinguish the German BJ250 A2 (1994) and BJ250 A3 (1995) from Japanese B-version Estrellas:

The German A-versions were fitted with round mirrors (E) and bigger indicators (C), probalby to fulfil the European standards.
A difference you can’t easily see is the equipping of the carburettor (F). The German carburettor has a different interior and also carburettor cover. A German Estrella only pro- duces 17 instead of 21 PS. The A2 had no carburettor heating.

German 1994 Estrella BJ250 A2

All German As were originally sold with saddle (like the Japanese B-version), but porter racks (A) on the back fender instead of pillions. So, the German version has no second pair of foot rests (G).

None of the German Estrellas ever had hazard lights (D). All German A-versions had the same Estrella logo (B). This logo was only used in 1992 for the BJ250 B1 in Japan. The BJ250 B2 from 1993 already had a different logo.

Estrella BJ250 A3
In 1995 the successor, the BJ250 A3 came onto the German market. The most important difference was, that from the 1995 models on all German Estrellas were fitted with carburettor heating. The position of the rectifier changed too.
While the Japanese B4-model from 1995 already had shock absorbers without reservoirs, the German 1995 A3-model still had shock absorbers with reservoirs. 1995 was the last year of the A version being officially sold.

BJ250 A - technical data*


air cooled 4 stroke one cylinder, 2 valve SOHC

 cubic capacity

249 cm³

 bore & stroke

66.0 x 73.0 mm

 gear box

5 speed, sealed chain

 overall length

2090 mm

 overall width

780 mm

 overall height

1035 mm

 seat height

775 mm

 dry weight

142 kg

 empty weight

156 kg

 front brakes

single disk brake, 300 mm diameter

 rear brakes

single diskbrake, 230 mm diameter

 front tyre

90/90-18 51 P - 2.0 bar

 rear tyre

110/90-17 60 P - 2.3 bar

 fuel capacity

14 litres, 2 litres reserve

 * (all data without guarantee)

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