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Kawasaki Estrellas in Asia





Estrellas in China

As far as we know, Estrellas have never been imported to the “main land of China” (People’s Rupublic of China). Estrellas in China are known from Shanghai, Hongkong and Taiwan (Republic of China).

Estrellas in Shanghai and Hongkong

There are many Estrellas in Hongkong and Shanghai. All Japanese modells have been available there.

Estrella / Star / Stern
These three photos show the 2006 Estrella of Calvin Lam from Hong Kong

Notice the »P« signs on the front and rear? They mean »Probation« - which you have to wear for one year after having made your license. You are not allowed to carry anyone with you in Hong Kong during this period.


Estrellas in Taiwan (ROC)

logo made by Cat's

Cat’s informed me that there are about fifty Estrellas in Taiwan (Repubic of China). They have not officially been imported by Kawasaki Taiwan. His wonderful Estrella a mixture of an early B-version and an Estrella “C10”. Head lamp and sides are painted in dark blue metallic, suiting the tank.
The three Estrella logos here are made by Cat’s.

logo made by Cat's
logo made by Cat's
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