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Kawasaki Estrellas Tips and Tricks





Most of the tips and tricks are in German!

I also have to stress that these tips and tricks have been tested with German Estrellas! I cannot say if the Estrellas in other countries work the same!


It is said that the German maintenance hand book for the BJ250 A2 is available as pdf files on CD-ROM ...


It is also said that the German operating handbook is available as pdf files for the BJ250 A2 and for the Estrella BJ250 C1 / C2.


The Estrella wiring maps are normally attached to the operating handbooks. The wiring maps for the BJ250 A2 and BJ250 C1 (the same as the BJ250 A3) are available as pdf files!

ATTENTION: Some of these tips and tricks might cause that your Estrella
is no longer conforming to national laws in your country or no longer insured!
All tips and tricks have been tested before but we cannot guarantee for success!

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