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Kawasaki Estrellas in Asia





Estrellas in the United Arab Emirates

Philip probably owns the only Estrella in Dubai / United Arab Emirates. It is a BJ250D from 1999 - a grey import from Japan.
In the wadis around Dubai the Kawasaki Estrella shows at 38 degrees celsius that she’s a fine off-road machine. Only oil and filter have to be changed approx every 2000 km.

Estrellas in the Lebanon

This is the first photo from an Estrella in the Lebanon sent to me. It seems to be e customzied Japanese(BJ250B?) model?

And here is another Estrella from the Lebanon. Suzan from Beirut sent this photo of her lovely BJ250 D5 from 2000.

And still not the end of Estrellas from the Lebanon! This might be an Estrella BJ250B6 from 1998. Fawzi bought this Estrella in a poor state. He polished and restored all parts including the motor and gave his Estrella a wonderful metalic blue colour. Here photos of before and afterwards:

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