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Kawasaki Estrellas in Europe





Estrellas in Benelux / de Nederlands

Genevièves Estrella at a canal in the Netherlands ...
Jan’s Estrella BJ250 C with saddle and many extras ...

In Belgium
the Estrella never came into the shops. But from July 1995 on she could be specially ordered if someone asked for her  ...

Jan says that the Estrella has never officially been sold in the Netherlands.

Nowadays the Netherlands has a step driving licence which allows you to ride motorbikes with a specific cubic capacity (250, 500, 750 cc) but in the 1990s it was different. There was only one licence for all motorbikes. So, the interest in a motorbike with only 250 cc and the power of a 125 cc was very low. On the other hand, you belong to a very elite circle riding an Estrella in the Benelux countries ...

Ter info: De Estrella is in Nederland nooit ingevoerd omdat wij toen het begrip klein rijbewijs nog niet hadden en er dus ook geen markt voor zou zijn geweest, hier hebben wij geluk mee want de Estrella is in Nederland nog op een hand te tellen.

En Belgique les Estrellas n'étaient jamais exposées chez des concessionnaires de Kawasaki. Néanmois à partir du Juillet 1995 on pouvait les commander et elles étaient livrées par la suite.

Here the Extrella BJ250A3 from Patrick, who lives near Antwerp in Belgium.

Patrick / ppont
Patrick / ppont
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