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Kawasaki Estrella Model History





from an Estrella brochure of 1992

In 1991 Kawasaki decided
to start building a nostalgic looking motorcycle for the Japanese market, described as »New Classic Sports Model«.
The market launch in Japan took place in 1992. On 17th April 2017 Kawasaki announced the Estrella »Final Edition« model.

In Germany, the Estrella was available in two versions - and three variants - from 1994 to 1999. It is said that selling the Estrella in Germany and some other european countries happened more or less by mistake by Kawasaki!
The total amount of Estrellas ever sold in the whole of Central Europe may be less than 5,000! There were less than 1,500 Estrellas in Germany in 2005.
In Japan, the Estrella has been available in eight versions and numerous variants from 1992 until today. In contrast to Central Europe (with less obstacles to get the driving licence for big bikes) the Estrella has been a big success in Japan. More than 100,000 Estrellas have been produced so far.
On these sites I have tried to reconstruct the prehistory of the Estrella, find out all versions, colours and variations ever available.

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