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Kawasaki Estrellas in Asia





Estrellas in Japan

Estrella trip to Sado-Island

by Rodorinx

I have been to Sado-Island for two days by my Estrella in July 2005. Sado-Island is located in the Sea of Japan about 300 km North from Tokyo.

I had two companions with this trip and their bikes were a Kawasaki ZRX1300 and a Honda CBR1000.
You can easily imagine that it was hard for me to catch up with these two big bikes! These are our bikes.

This photo is very North of Sado- Island. In the background you can see an island called »Futatsu-kame«. Futatsu means »two« and kame means »turtle«. It seems two turtles are lying on the sea, so they call »Futatsu-kame«.

The last photo is the ship that we aboarded to across the Sea of Japan. I was very tired when I was back home, but the view of sea was beautiful and the seafood was delicious.
So wonderful time I had!


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