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Estrella Tours and Meetings

German Kawasaki Estrella and W650 riders meet each other at tours spread over whole Germany. The most famous Estrella riders tour surely is the »Fischkopptour« (means Fishhead tour) in the North of Germany between Northern and Eastern Sea near Hamburg.
The first »TNT Lower Rhine Tour« took place in 2005 and the second TNT in 2006. Maybe there will be a third tour some day? The Lower Rhine Areas is a rural area, situated near the Dutch border where the River Rhine leaves Germany towards Holland.
2006 will be the first year of the »NSU North Sauerland Tour«. The Sauerland is a region with many hills and some mountains in the middle of Germany. It is known for winter sports and its many lakes, the drinking water reservoires for the industrial »Ruhrgebiet«.

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